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  • Collection: The Huntroyd Receipts. Loose slips.

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Reveren'd T Starkie Black burn 24 Novembe,r 1797Bought of Habitshaw & Fisher;---- LINEN and WOLLEN DRAPERS, ----Haberdasher Hosiers &cPerfumery3 yds Cambric Muslim 5/6 16 " 62 Pair Wooling Gloves 5 -- 101 pair Do Do - 7 -- 7 10 3/4 Flannel --…

Take 5 Gills of cream put two teaspoonsfull of rennet& stir it well. Pour the same quantity of good new milk made hot upon the cream & let it stand till it breaks, then take upthe Curd but break it as little as possible & put it in a…

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1796 Mr Starkey DrA/c Edwd Barton29 March To maken a pair pr of Black Cashmere Cassomeer Breeches s - d & all materials £1 " 4 0Receive’d the ContentsEdw Barton

Put 112:pounds lbs of Raisins to 15 Gallons of Cold Spring Water -1:pound lb Brown Sugar Candy1:pound lb White . Do …. Do1 Bottle of White Wine 1 Bottle of Brandy- Let it standSix Months & then Bottle it -

White DecoctionTake of the purest Chalk in powder, two ounces, gum arabic; half an ounce; Water three Pints. Boiled to one quart & strain the Decoction. This is a proper drink, in acute disease attended with, or inclining to a looseness &…

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Laxative absorbant mixturePut one dram of magnesia alba in a mortarwith 10 or 12 grains of the best Turkey rhubarband add to them 3 ounces of common Water; simplecinnamon water & syrup of sugar, of each oneounce.As most diseases of Infants are…

Lavender Waterbest rectified Spirits of wine 1 QuartOil of Lavender half an ounceEssence of Ambergrease 1 scruple- mixe’d well together, corke’d down close& let to stand 2 months before it is used-Lip Salve Steep a pennyworth of Alkanet root in 2…

Soup MeagreTake 4 large Onions, 4 Cucumbers, cut rhem in slices, 4 lettucescut into Quarter, or less if you like it, 2 pints of pease, & a ¼ lb of Butter, put them all into a Stewpan & stew them over a slow fire un‘till they are tender- take…

For ChilblainsTake of the best & sharpest white Wine vinegar& Spirits of Wine of each half a PintAlum half an Ounce in Powder.Mix them together. Wash the parts affected twice or three times a Day

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Heraldry CollegeDoctors Commons4 Jan'y 1845My Dear Madam.I have lately been so unwell as tobe unable to attend to Business on accountt of a severe attack of Influenza being much better I have again resumedmy duties. and in reply to your letter I have…
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