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Soup MeagreTake 4 large Onions, 4 Cucumbers, cut rhem in slices, 4 lettucescut into Quarter, or less if you like it, 2 pints of pease, & a ¼ lb of Butter, put them all into a Stewpan & stew them over a slow fire un‘till they are tender- take…

Cabbage Soup The same stock, the cabbage to be slice’d not very small- fried in the same man =ner as the Turnips, Carrots & Sellery, when tender the stock is to be added as before & the bread stick - To make Herb SoupMake your stock as before…

To make stock for Gravy Soup Take Turnips, Carrots, Onions, or Leeks, &some Sellery, put them into a Saucepanwith your meat, and with a sufficient quantityof water boil it up, & skim it well- then throw it in some whole pepper &a little…
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