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For ChilblainsTake of the best & sharpest white Wine vinegar& Spirits of Wine of each half a PintAlum half an Ounce in Powder.Mix them together. Wash the parts affected twice or three times a Day

Goulard mixe’d with doublethe quantity of oil of turpentine, a sovereign remedy for a sprain in a horse -Rub him with this liniment as soon as the accident happens- keep him warm and repeat the friction every4 hours- Goulards EssayChilblains ½ pint…

Persons suffering from intense coldshould never approach a fire but plunge their extremitiesinto cold┌ or ice ┐water or ap--ply snow to the parts affected- Chilblains may be washed withwater or flower of Mustard, whichwill contribute to cleanse &…

Burns - things Evil- fistulas Inflammations & curdling of the milk- abcesses & ulcers in the breastserisepilas- piles- chilblainscontractions- whitloes- festers- itch - ruptures- gangrene- FomentationsAccidental and rheumatic…
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