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Vomiting Draught{Curran} ten Drams of Ipecacuanha Wine Lenitive ElectuarySena in fine Powder, eight ounces;coriander weed also in powder fourOunces; pulp of Tamarinds and frenchPrunes, of each a Pound. Boil upthe pulps to the consistence of…

GarglesA little barley-water & honey with a little Vinegar makes a useful garglefor softening and cleansing the mouth infevers-Cooling GargleWater six Ouncez; honey 1 ouncez-. Nitrea dram & a half- useful in fevers& inflammatory…

Compound Tinture of SenaSena, one ounce, rhubarb, coriander seeds & Cream of Tartar, each half anounce- infused in a pint & a half of Brandy for a week strain it &add 4 ounces z of fine Sugar- the doseis from one to 2 or 3 oz- it…
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