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A Cure for the PilesThe Root of the white Lilly roasted till it is soft - pounded & mixe’d with an equal quantity of Hog Lard - Miss BarkerA cooling openerAn ounce and a half of lemna- withthe juice- of half a lemonFor the Gout or RheumatismPure,…

Burns - things Evil- fistulas Inflammations & curdling of the milk- abcesses & ulcers in the breastserisepilas- piles- chilblainscontractions- whitloes- festers- itch - ruptures- gangrene- FomentationsAccidental and rheumatic…

Vomiting Draught{Curran} ten Drams of Ipecacuanha Wine Lenitive ElectuarySena in fine Powder, eight ounces;coriander weed also in powder fourOunces; pulp of Tamarinds and frenchPrunes, of each a Pound. Boil upthe pulps to the consistence of…
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