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Decoction of SarsaparillaFresh Sarsaparilla root, slice'd & bruised, three ounces; shavings ofGuiacum Wood one ounce- Boilover a slow fire from in threeQuarts of Water to one, addingtowards the end, half an ounce ofSassafras Wood & Tthree…

Lemon CheesecakesTake ½ pound lb of Butter & clarify it ½ pound lb of sugar beat 6 eggs leaving out the whitesof one egg, take the peel of 3 lemons graterscoop out the pulp, take out the seeds & put thethe peel to the juice of the lemons…

head of Garlick, shred a quarter of oneounce of mace, two nutmegs- 1 oz of black pepper ¼ oz of Jamaica pepper 1dozen long pepper ¼ oz of Chian pepper- about 40 Cloves, ¼ pound of Anchovies as they are taken from the pickle boil it slow to half the…
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