The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2

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The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2


The folio of recipes and medicines of the Starkie Family of Huntroyd House and Blackburn Rectory.


This collection contains more medicines than food recipes. It was stitched together with cotton to form a binding of some sort.

The two other folios are somewhat separate but form a whole with being kept together. It is difficult to tell which is the front cover or the rear one.

The owner has decided to call "Gravy Soup" as the front page because it is cleaner and "Rheumatism", the rear one, because it has a stain that suggests it was laid down on something wet.

The page edges are cleaner where they may have been exposed. That seems a good reason enough.

With the 28 leaves in the folio, half way through it was turned upside down and started to be written from the other end.

We have taken a great delight in dealing with this folio and addressing contemporary medical thinking. In many ways, with knowledge behind it, quite alarming.

We will begin with gravy and end up with rheumatism, so enjoy the journey.


Charlotte Starkie


Gillespie family


1782 to 1808


Gillespie Family


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.






Handwritten text on paper.
Seamstress straight pins

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Folio 2. Page 1. Recto.
To make stock for Gravy Soup Take Turnips, Carrots, Onions, or Leeks, &some Sellery, put them into a Saucepanwith your meat, and with a sufficient quantityof water boil it up, & skim it well- then throw it in some whole pepper &a little…

Folio 2. Page 2. Verso
Cabbage Soup The same stock, the cabbage to be slice’d not very small- fried in the same man =ner as the Turnips, Carrots & Sellery, when tender the stock is to be added as before & the bread stick - To make Herb SoupMake your stock as before…

Folio 2. Page 3. Recto.
take a little chervill, burnett, & Parsley,tied up and let them stew down- cut your cabbage small- fry it with a bitof butter till tender then strain the liquor of the onions upon it- let it stew a little together & serve it upwith bread…

Folio 2. Page 4 . Verso
be added the soup to stew- a little whole pepper, & a little salt is to be put to the stock in making it, add a sprig of mint but take it out before it goes to table. If not green enough add [piece] ┌juice┐ of Spinach- this will make 2 Tureens of…

Folio 2. Page 5. Recto.
4 lettuces, a large onion chopp[e]d together4 large cucumbers quarter[e]’d & cut into square pieces, the seeds taken out, the herbs are to be stew[e]’d in butter- have made a large kettle of water, put it to the peas with a pint of young peas,…

Folio 2. Page 6. Verso
head of Garlick, shred a quarter of one ounce of mace, two nutmegs- 1 oz black pepper ¼ oz of Jamaica pepper 1 doz[en] long pepper ¼ oz of Chian pepper- about 40 Cloves, ¼ pound of Anchovies as they are taken from the pickle boil it slow to half the…

Folio 2. Page 7. Recto
Deleted text is shown as [ ]for an hour- 2 hours will bake it A common seed cake3 lb flour 1 lb Butter 1 lb lisbon sugar2 table spoonfuls of yeast- a pint ofnew & ½ of [of new] milk & carroway seeds to your liking- dry the flour& rub ½ lb…

Folio 2. Page 8. Verso
Almond CakeTake 4 egg Whites & Yolks, beat themseparately, ½ a pound lb of Jordan Almonds-pound them small, 1 pound lb of double refine'd sugar- pounded and sifted, half a pound lb offlour drye’d before the fire, one lemon,mix your eggs sugar and…

Folio 2. Page 9. Recto
To stew golden pippinsThe core must be scoope’d out before they are pare’d- put them into water as you parethem, to a quarter of a hundred put a gill or more of white wine, the juice ofone lemon, & long slices of lemon peel, putthem into a…

Folio 2. Page 10. Verso
Continued from Folio 2. Page 9. Versotolerably thick- then take out the ham& parsley & fill your patties, cover them &serve them up- the Salpicon patties are donethe same way only instead of fowl take a sweetbread of veal cut into small…
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