The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2

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The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2


The folio of recipes and medicines of the Starkie Family of Huntroyd House and Blackburn Rectory.


This collection contains more medicines than food recipes. It was stitched together with cotton to form a binding of some sort.

The two other folios are somewhat separate but form a whole with being kept together. It is difficult to tell which is the front cover or the rear one.

The owner has decided to call "Gravy Soup" as the front page because it is cleaner and "Rheumatism", the rear one, because it has a stain that suggests it was laid down on something wet.

The page edges are cleaner where they may have been exposed. That seems a good reason enough.

With the 28 leaves in the folio, half way through it was turned upside down and started to be written from the other end.

We have taken a great delight in dealing with this folio and addressing contemporary medical thinking. In many ways, with knowledge behind it, quite alarming.

We will begin with gravy and end up with rheumatism, so enjoy the journey.


Charlotte Starkie


Gillespie family


1782 to 1808


Gillespie Family


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.






Handwritten text on paper.
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Folio 2. Page 32. Verso
Frangas Insapadas a Portuguese dish 3 pound lb lean Bacon or Ham, 2 large Onionssliced, 4 Cloves of Shalot sliced, 3 Quarts of Water with some beaten pepper, Cloves, &and a little mace & about a drachmof Safron, stew it slowly till re-=duced…

Folio 2. Page31. Recto
If you want half the quantity it will keep 2 days adding the creamthe day it is need’d as before men--tionedBrawnBoil a calves head with skinon till very tender- Bone it roll it up tight as brawn-season- Cottege pudding6 ounce oz grated bread- ¼…

Folio 2. Page 30. Verso
think there will not be liquor enoughadd cucumber, lettuce and other thingsin proportion- if you choose breador cheese in it prepare it as forother soups -Turnip Soup [O] 12 good size’d Turnips, 6 white Onions 2 heads of celery all slice'd thin- a…

Folio 2. Page 29. Recto
Soup without meat or water 6 or 8 Cucumbers, pare them, &cut them thick- 8 or 9 Coss lettuces5 or 6 Onions, a handful of parsleypicked some white beet leaves,alittle chervill, some sorrell-put them in a stewpan withmore than a ¼ pound lb of…

Folio 2. Page 28. Verso
Small Cakes¼ lb fresh butter ¼ pound lb white sugarwork it all together with your handstill the butter is melted- then putin the yolks of 3 eggs & work it again then ¼ pound lb of flour put in bydegrees still working it then ¼ pound lb of…

Folio 2. Page 27. Recto
6 sevilles, 2 sweet, 3 lemons, therinds to be put into the juice- 1 pound lb loaf sugar, 1 pint spring water.Let it boil to a syrup, and put itinto a bowl, when cold put the juice to it- boil 3 ounces oz Isinglass in1 pint spring water & when…

Folio 2. Page 26. Verso
fry it in a stewpan with some butter till itcomes of a light brown colour- pourout the butter and put in some gravy &red wine, of each an equal quan--tity: with an onion or shalot & a an--chovy, when it is stewe‘d enoughsqueeze on some juice…

Folio 2. Page 25. Recto
you dish it up- be sure to keep itclose covere’d or it will lose its colour-Scotch Eggs You must boil your eggs hard thenmake good force meat & roll them up in it, there must be a good quantity of parsley for they mustbe a little green then frya…

Folio 2. Page 24. Verso
A TrifleMake your boile’d custard with a pint of Milk, & 5 eggs leaving out 2 whites- when boile’d pour into a dish &stir in 12 sweet Almonds beaten& 4 bitter ones or 6 Apricotkernels let it stand till cold then lay ¼ lb of naples biscuit…

Folio 2. Page 23. Recto
Pickle for BrawnTwo Gallons of water, ¼ of a Pint of Oatmeala Quart of good bran, boil it gently one hour strain it off when cold- seasonit with 1 pound lb of common salt- put in the Brawnand steep it with this pickle; newit once a month -Orange…
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