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Buchan LaxativeClysterMilk and Water 6 ounces of eachsweet oil or fresh Butter of each2 ouncez- if an ounce of Glaubers Saltor common salt be added to this it will be the purging ClysterCarminative ClysterChamomile Flowers 10 ouncez- anise seedshalf…

Starch ClysterJelly of Starch 4 ouncez: Linseed oilhalf an ounce- liquify the jellyover a gentle fire & {n/g} ┌gently┐mix inthe oil- In the Dysentery- thisClyster may be administered afterevery loose stool, to heal the intestines& blunt the…

In obstinate Coughs, two ounces ofthe syrup of Poppies- may be added- The dose is two tablespoonfuls 3 or 4times a dayOily Emulsion.Soft Water 6 Ounces, paregoric Elix'r2 Drams; Florence Oil, an ounce.shake then,together, & add of simpleSyrup,…
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