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thin as you can and boil it in the oilover a slow fire till melted- thereafterletting it stand to cool- put in theHoney keeping it stirring over the fire for 10 Minutes then put in the Gum, sliced as the wax/ after letting itstand to cool & keep…

Buchan LaxativeClysterMilk and Water 6 ounces of eachsweet oil or fresh Butter of each2 ouncez- if an ounce of Glaubers Saltor common salt be added to this it will be the purging ClysterCarminative ClysterChamomile Flowers 10 ouncez- anise seedshalf…

flower-de luce- rubbe’d upon thetooth or abcesse’d-it seldom fails-or a piece of sticking plaster thebigness of a Shilling with a bit of opium in the middle of it may belaid on the Temporal Artery where thepulsation is most visible-WormsFlowers of…
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