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To make Ginger Cake Beat two pounds of fine loaf sugar putone pound in a Tossing pan with asmuch water as will dissolve it withone ounce of Race Ginger grated finestir them well together over a veryslow fire till the sugar begins to boilthen stir in…

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1783 38 Quarts White Currants}13 Ditt┌o ┐-----juice}1785 108 Quarts Currants @ 2½┌lbs pounds┐£1 " 3 " 64 Ditt┌o┐Rasps @ 2 " 6 48 Quarts Currants "10 " -Mem

A Receipt how to make JellysTo a quart of Jelly four Bottles of Mountain Wine about half a pint of Brandy seven Lemons if poor fruit Eight parethe Lemons very thin and steep the rinds in part of the Wineall Night Sugar to your taste Eight Whites of…

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