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Goulard mixe’d with doublethe quantity of oil of turpentine, a sovereign remedy for a sprain in a horse -Rub him with this liniment as soon as the accident happens- keep him warm and repeat the friction every4 hours- Goulards EssayChilblains ½ pint…

A plaister made of catmint, thewhite of an egg Brandy, & Mastich- [very]strengthening- good in Ruptures& the toothache -Whitloes on their first appearanceshoul’d be frequently immerse'd inwarm water- Sorrel boile'd & bruise'da good…

For Cough or Cold2 Oz of expresse'd juice of horehound1 pt milk sweetene'd with honeyBlue Stone of Vitriol 1 dram Verdigreese- 1 dram Roche Allum- 1 dramWhite Copperas- 1 dram Boile'd in a Quart of Aliquordown to 3 Gills-for a bruise or crush or…
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