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A plaister made of catmint, thewhite of an egg Brandy, & Mastich- [very]strengthening- good in Ruptures& the toothache -Whitloes on their first appearanceshoul’d be frequently immerse'd inwarm water- Sorrel boile'd & bruise'da good…

In hemorrhages when the pulse beginsto hasten, the countenance change& a nausea comes on care should be use’d to stop the discharge- the legs put in warm water/not-hot water, the garters should be tightene’d - the ligatures put on the arms-seven…

to be poure’d down- or vomiting excited with oil or Tartar emetic- or Radish seed pounde’d to the ┌34┐quantity of a coffee spoonful- swallowed in warm water-If the poison is of a Narcoticquality- such as Hemlock, Night-shade, Mushrooms, after the…
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