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it burn- then pour it into ┌deep┐china plates or saucers, in 5 or 6 days it will be fit for use- ‘Tis a strong cement- nothingbut wet can affect it- & will join or--namental China, Wood, Ivory & c Justwet the Edge of the glue in hot water…

think there will not be liquor enoughadd cucumber, lettuce and other thingsin proportion- if you choose breador cheese in it prepare it as forother soups -Turnip Soup [O] 12 good size’d Turnips, 6 white Onions 2 heads of celery all slice'd thin- a…

Carrot SoupTake 8 or 9 of the darkest & coloure’d Carrots,cut in large slices, put to them 3 Quarts of good broth/madesavoury first with Celery, Onion,Turnip, & c / let it boil enough till thecarrots are tender enough to rubthrough a tammy…
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