The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2. The Medicine Pages.

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The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2. The Medicine Pages.


The "medicines" of Folio 2.


Page 32 was the final recipe page in the folio. The folio was then turned upside down and writing started from the other end.  In a normal book this would be Page 76. Page 76 is the rear cover of the folio. The pages will still follow on from Page 32 and we will show them upside down just as they are in the pages.

DANGER!DANGERDo NOT under any circumstances try out any of these "medicines".
The plants and ingredients may be toxic or fatal.


Gillespie Family


Gillespie Family


1782 to 1808


Gillespie Family


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The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2.




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Folio 2. Page 33. Recto
consistency of Pills with Liquoricepowder or crumb of Bread- mixequal parts of the above [with] &powdere'd rhubarb make into pillswith simple Syrup- 3 or 4 may be taken twice or thrice a week-Sneezing PowderPowder of Asarum- white Hellibore-…

Folio 2. Page 34. Verso
ItchRub the parts affected with an oint--ment made of 2 oz flowers of Brimstone,crude sal ammoniac finely powde’d, 2 drams - hogs lard or butter 2 oz & a half a dram of essenceof lemon- about the bulk of a nutmegmay be rubbe’d on the…

Folio 2. Page 35. Recto
flower-de luce- rubbe’d upon thetooth or abcesse’d-it seldom fails-or a piece of sticking plaster thebigness of a Shilling with a bit of opium in the middle of it may belaid on the Temporal Artery where thepulsation is most visible-WormsFlowers of…

Folio 2. Page 36. Verso
tea-pot with half a pint of boilingwater, & disguised with a few dropsof milk & a little Sugar- a small teacup full may be given every tenminutes till it operates [.........][... .... may] ┌or you may ┐ give[n] 5 or 6 Grains of ipeca--cuanha…

Folio 2. Page 37. Recto
Saline Julep is useful in checking Vomiting-Saline Julep Dissolve 2 drams of salt of Tartarin 3 ounces of fresh Lemon juicestraine’d- when the effervescence is overadd of of mint water & common Watereach two ounces; of simple Syrupone ounce -It…

Folio 2. Page 38. Verso
Paregoric ElixirUseful in coughs- & in the whoopingCough- the dose is 20 drops or more-Chalybeate WineIron Filings 2 Ouncez Cinnamon & Mace each 2 drams Ʌ ┌ Rhenish ┐ wine 2 pints infuse amonth shaking the bottle- strain it off- it is an…

Folio 2. Page 40. Verso
Compound Tinture of SenaSena, one ounce, rhubarb, coriander seeds & Cream of Tartar, each half anounce- infused in a pint & a half of Brandy for a week strain it &add 4 ounces z of fine Sugar- the doseis from one to 2 or 3 oz- it…

Folio 2. Page 41. Recto
Saline MixtureDissolve a dram of salt of Tartarin 4 ounces of boiling waterwhen cold drop in spirit of Vitrioltill the effervescence ceases- add anounce of peppermint water & sweetenit- When fresh Lemons cannot be had this may supply the placeof…

Folio 2. Page 42. Verso
GarglesA little barley-water & honey with a little Vinegar makes a useful garglefor softening and cleansing the mouth infevers-Cooling GargleWater six Ouncez; honey 1 ouncez-. Nitrea dram & a half- useful in fevers& inflammatory…

Folio 2. Page 43. Recto
In obstinate Coughs, two ounces ofthe syrup of Poppies- may be added- The dose is two tablespoonfuls 3 or 4times a dayOily Emulsion.Soft Water 6 Ounces, paregoric Elix'r2 Drams; Florence Oil, an ounce.shake then,together, & add of simpleSyrup,…
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