The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2. The Medicine Pages.

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The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2. The Medicine Pages.


The "medicines" of Folio 2.


Page 32 was the final recipe page in the folio. The folio was then turned upside down and writing started from the other end.  In a normal book this would be Page 78. Page 78 is the rear cover of the folio. The pages will still follow on from Page 32 but we will show them the right way up to make it easier to read.

DANGER!DANGERDo NOT under any circumstances try out any of these "medicines".
The plants and ingredients may be toxic or fatal.


Gillespie Family


Gillespie Family


1782 to 1808


Gillespie Family


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The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 2.




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Folio 2. Page 78. Verso
RheumatismThree ounces of sarsaparilla sliced and bruise’d1 Quart of fine Spirits of wine let them standtogether in a wide mouthe’d bottle close stoppedt3 days by the fire then strain out the li--quor very hard, & add to it 2 ounce oz of…

Folio 2. Page 77. Recto
For DeafnessFill an ounce Phial with Bay Saltand spring water, equal quantities, whendissolved drop 4 into a teaspoon, conveythese 4 drops into the Ear going tobed lying on the contrary side; repeatit 4 Nights-To make hair water30 handfulls of…

Folio 2. Page 76. Verso
it burn- then pour it into ┌deep┐china plates or saucers, in 5 or 6 days it will be fit for use- ‘Tis a strong cement- nothingbut wet can affect it- & will join or--namental China, Wood, Ivory & c Justwet the Edge of the glue in hot water…

Folio 2. Page 75. Recto
For a Cough, hoarseness, or Consumption 4 ouncez Conserve of Roses4 ditto White sugar Candy powdere’d4 ditto Jar Raisins stone’d and shred fine4 hard apples pare’d & grated40 drops Spirit of sulphur40 drops Spirit of vitriolBeat all together in a…

Folio 2. Page 74. Verso
thin as you can and boil it in the oilover a slow fire till melted- thereafterletting it stand to cool- put in theHoney keeping it stirring over the fire for 10 Minutes then put in the Gum, sliced as the wax/ after letting itstand to cool & keep…

Folio 2. Page 73. Recto
Gum pills, Take three, twice a day in2 spoonfuls of the Liquor, & 2 spoon-fuls after, this method use'd for 3months restored a Parson to all ap-pearance fit only for an Inhabitant of Bedlam -Tincture of RhubarbTake of Rhubarb ℥ ounce i 1/5 of the…

Folio 2. Page 72. Verso
GoulardAs many pounds of [Lithrag] Litharge of gold as 2 quarts of white wine vinigarput them together in a glaze'd earthenpipkin & let them boil, or rather simmerfor an hour, taking care to stir them,during the ebullition with a wooden spatula,…

Folio 2. Page 71. Recto
the wax & oil which must be put to a proper dish for that purpose -incorporate them well togetherwith a wooden Spatula & take care that the water you put in is thoroughly absorbed before you put in any more, by thus taking time &…

Folio 2. Page 70. Verso
keep stirring till it is dissolved-take your vessel off the fire &and continue to work it till it is broughtto a consistency- For Tetters & all cutaneous eruptionsSaturnine Plaister12 pounds lb of Wax- melt it -add 3 pounds lbs ½ of oil of…

Folio 2. Page 69. Recto
Goulard mixe’d with doublethe quantity of oil of turpentine, a sovereign remedy for a sprain in a horse -Rub him with this liniment as soon as the accident happens- keep him warm and repeat the friction every4 hours- Goulards EssayChilblains ½ pint…
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