The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 1

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The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 1


The folios of receipes and medicines of the Starkie Family of Huntroyd House and Blackburn Rectory.


Charlotte Starkie


Gillespie Family


1782 to 1808


Gillespie Family


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Handwritten text on paper.
Seamstress straight pins

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Huntroyd House
1920 photo of Huntroyd House. The picture looks South West past the Smoking Room end gable, built around 1782, toward the Green Court and the octagonal roof of the Game Pantry can be seen on the left. The Smoking Room block was demolished in the…

Folio 1,Page 1,Recto
Cowslip wine Lady Clive8 pecks slips &, cowslips-6 gallons of water- 14 lbs- sugar-boil the sugar & water half an hourskimming it well- then, beat up 4 whites of eggs with their shells, putthem into the water & let it boila few minutes…

Folio 1, Page 2, Verso
[of sev] juices of seven lemons stir it well twice a day for 3days- stop it up for [2]3 weeks, then bottle it off-Another country housewifeTo 6 Gallons of water 12: pounds lbs of Sugar.The juices of 6 lemons & the whitesof 4 eggs well beaten-put…

Folio 1, Page 3, Recto
of syrup of Citron or Lemons beforeyou tun it- strain it off the thirdday squeeze the Cowslips througha coarse cloth then strain itthrough a flannel bag tun itup laying the bung aside for 2or 3 days to see if it worksif it does not work bung itdown…

Folio 1, Page 4, Verso
it though a sieve into anothervessel, let it stand 3 days-after which pour it into a third vessellet it ferment with atoast covere'd on both sides withyeast- when the fermentation isended run it slowlyinto a cask- keep it least8 months before it is…

Folio 1, Page 5, Recto
through a coarse cloth, wringingthe berries, put the juice intoa clean kettle- to every quart of juice put a pound of fineLisbon sugar, let it boil, and skimit well- When clear and fine pourit into a jar, when cold covered close and keep it till you…

Folio 1, Page 6, Verso
poure‘d into another vessel where it must stand 4 days to fermentwith yeast; when the fermentation is overlet it lie shut up close & stand ina cool place at least a month- then drain it into another vessel,where it must stand 6 weeks longer,…

Folio 1, Page 7, Recto
another vessel & put to it a little yeast when it must stand 3days to work, when the fermentationis over, let it he drawn into aclean vessel then stand close covere’d3 weeks- then bottle it up, putinto each bottle a little sugar-Strawberry…

Folio 1, Page 8, Verso
about as warm as milk fromthe Cow- put to it 25 pound lb of Malaga raisins pricke’d & rubbe’d veryclean, & then throw in the sage-stir all the ingredients together &let them stand a week in a cool place- then strain your liquor through’a…

Folio 1, Page  9, Recto
Raisin wine C J CTo each gallon of water add 5 lbs of raisins[when th] with the stalkspulled off- when they have steepe'dfor a fortnight, let the liquor besqueeze'd into a barrel thathas been aired with brimstoneburnt in a rag- when it hasdone…
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