The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 1

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The Huntroyd Receipts. Folio 1


The folios of receipes and medicines of the Starkie Family of Huntroyd House and Blackburn Rectory.


Charlotte Starkie


Gillespie Family


1782 to 1808


Gillespie Family


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Handwritten text on paper.
Seamstress straight pins

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Folio 1. Page 1. Recto
Cowslip wine Lady Clive8 pecks slips &, cowslips-6 gallons of water- 14 lbs- sugar-boil the sugar & water half an hourskimming it well- then, beat up 4 whites of eggs with their shells, putthem into the water & let it boila few minutes…

Folio 1. Page 2. Verso
[of sev] juices of seven lemons stir it well twice a day for 3days- stop it up for [2]3 weeks, then bottle it off-Another country housewifeTo 6 Gallons of water 12: pounds lbs of Sugar.The juices of 6 lemons & the whitesof 4 eggs well beaten-put…

Folio 1, Page 3, Recto
of syrup of Citron or Lemons beforeyou tun it- strain it off the thirdday squeeze the Cowslips througha coarse cloth then strain itthrough a flannel bag tun itup laying the bung aside for 2or 3 days to see if it worksif it does not work bung itdown…

Folio 1, Page 4, Verso
it though a sieve into anothervessel, let it stand 3 days-after which pour it into a third vessellet it ferment with atoast covere'd on both sides withyeast- when the fermentation isended run it slowlyinto a cask- keep it least8 months before it is…

Folio 1, Page 5, Recto
through a coarse cloth, wringingthe berries, put the juice intoa clean kettle- to every quart of juice put a pound of fineLisbon sugar, let it boil, and skimit well- When clear and fine pourit into a jar, when cold covered close and keep it till you…

Folio 1, Page 29, Verso
Best Lavender Water8 pennyweight of oil of Lavender3┌d┐ram of musk & 3 of Ber-gamot, put into a Quart of Sprits ofWine with about an ounce of fineSugar- Put them into a well corke’d bottle & shake them often

Folio 1. Page 28. Recto.
Milk of Rose’s Take one quart of Rose Water- put into theBottle two Ounce’s of Oil of sweet Almonds- shakethem well together for ten minutes- then pour inhalf an ounce of the Oil of Tarter & continue shakingthe ingredients till well incoporated-…

Folio 1, Page 27, Verso
Snaps Alice 1 pound lb flour, 1 pound lb Sugar, mix them together¾ pound lb Butter, melt it withoutwater, work- it into the flour andsugar, roll it out & cut into shapes-Greens Greens should be boil[e]’d in the hardest water that can be got- the…

Folio 1, Page 26, Verso
Ampersand in text is "&". Illegible or lost {.....},dots for letters. Inserted text ┌superscript┐. Added letters italicised retaining the apostrophe. 1/4 pound┌lb┐bread sliced- 1 Quart of new milk poure'd on it boiling hot- boil in the milka…
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