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Saline MixtureDissolve a dram of salt of Tartarin 4 ounces of boiling waterwhen cold drop in spirit of Vitrioltill the effervescence ceases- add anounce of peppermint water & sweetenit- When fresh Lemons cannot be had this may supply the placeof…

Spanish Infusion Spanish Juice cut in pieces an ounceSalts of Tartar 3 drams Infuse ina pint of boiling water for a night-to the strained Liquor add an ounce& a half of Syrup of Poppies- A tea cupfull may be taken 3 or 4 timesa day for Coughs…

Saline Julep is useful in checking Vomiting-Saline Julep Dissolve 2 drams of salt of Tartarin 3 ounces of fresh Lemon juicestraine’d- when the effervescence is overadd of of mint water & common Watereach two ounces; of simple Syrupone ounce -It…
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