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Raisin WineMrs BesleyTo each gallon:┌ale measure┐of water, fivepounds of Raisins, & one of Sugar- let them standa week or longer- squeeze the Raisins & put the liquor ina barrel- let it stand six months- & drain it off clear- wipe the…

To every Gallon of spring water, add-seven pounds of Lisbon sugar.Boil them a Quarter of an hour& keep scuming it Well, When the liquor is Cold, Squeeze in the juice-of two Lemons. Boil the peels with 2 ounces of ginger .in 3 pints of water, When…

Raisin wine C J CTo each gallon of water add 5 lbs of raisins[when th] with the stalkspulled off- when they have steepe'dfor a fortnight, let the liquor besqueeze'd into a barrel thathas been aired with brimstoneburnt in a rag- when it hasdone…
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