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Transcription ConventionsTranscription ConventionsPDFInformation about the transcriptions used on this site.
Subject:Information about the transcriptions used on this site.
Description:This site uses semi-diplomatic transcription.

Not all content applies in this case but the bottom lines are the ones you need to know most of all.

English had still not become entirely standardised within the Huntroyd Receipts, or at this time.Is this a reflection on the age of the contributors?

The beauty of some of the handwriting speaks of high standards of education, but sometimes it is possible to see some "flexibility" is applied to words within the papers.

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Public Information FlyerPublic Information FlyerInformation Flyer
Subject:Information Flyer
Description:Please download and use as you wish.
Huntroyd HouseHuntroyd HouseStll picture
Subject:Stll picture
Description:1920 photo of Huntroyd House. The picture looks South West past the Smoking Room end gable, built around 1782, toward the Green Court and the octagonal roof of the Game Pantry can be seen on the left. The Smoking Room block was demolished in the 1960s. [show more]
Handmade pinHandmade pinMetal pinInformation on pins
Type:Metal pin
Subject:Information on pins

The metal pin illustrated was once the only way, that did not involve cutting and folding, to join items of paper together. Staples and paper clips did not exist.

Pins and Needles were made in water powered mills in a difficult process to produce quality products. Until the patenting of a fully mechanised process in around 1824 they were very expensive.

The wire the pins were made from was drawn through metal dyes according to the thickness required and cut to length. Each item had to be sharpened by hand and a neck made at the other end.

Children, who had small hands, were employed to wind fine wire around the neck to make the head, which was cut and soldered into place. The product was tinned using molten metal and then placed into drums to tumble them smooth and to polish them.

Putting the items into folded paper packages was a manufacturing process that came later. Prior to that they were sold by item or weight.


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Folio 2. Page31. Recto Folio 2. Page31. Recto Paper documentRecipe for Brawn and Cottage Pudding
Type:Paper document
Subject:Recipe for Brawn and Cottage Pudding
Description:If you want half the quantity it will keep 2 days adding the creamthe day it is need’d as before men--tionedBrawnBoil a calves head with skinon till very tender- Bone it roll it up tight as brawn-season- Cottege pudding6 ounce oz grated bread- ¼ pound lb beef suet ¼ pound lb Currant 3 Eggs. A little nutmeg& some lemon peel- sugar to yourtaste- divide into five & then frythem in balls- or boil them, incups ¾ of an hour - Wine sauce
Continued from Folio 2. Page30. Verso.Contractions are expanded, and added letters italicised retaining the apostrophe.
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Folio 2. Page 9. Recto Folio 2. Page 9. Recto Paper documentRecipe to Stew Golden Pippins and make Bashamel Patties
Type:Paper document
Subject:Recipe to Stew Golden Pippins and make Bashamel Patties
Description:To stew golden pippinsThe core must be scoope’d out before they are pare’d- put them into water as you parethem, to a quarter of a hundred put a gill or more of white wine, the juice ofone lemon, & long slices of lemon peel, putthem into a stewpan, with as much, water as will cover them if it must not be the water they lay in/ then sweetenthem to your taste-let them stew pret--ty fast and keep them turningall the time you are doing them Bashamel pattiesLet your paste be made very light &likewise the force meat, of which youput a bit in every patty- then closethem lightly with your thumb- & withthe yolk of an egg lear over the top to givea good colour- bake them in a quick oven,[take] these are for garnishing, for theBashamel patties you must take out theforce meat when baked and have ready thebreast part of a boile‘d or roast fowl cut inlong strings as fine as a packthread, putto it a little good broth pepper salt, and a little lemon juice, a piece of rawham & and a little parsley, then add some goodcream shaking your flour box to make it

Continued on Folio 2. Page 10. Verso

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Folio 2. Page 8. VersoFolio 2. Page 8. VersoPaper documentRecipe for Almond Cake and Lemon Cheesecake
Type:Paper document
Subject:Recipe for Almond Cake and Lemon Cheesecake
Description:Almond CakeTake 4 egg Whites & Yolks, beat themseparately, ½ a pound lb of Jordan Almonds-pound them small, 1 pound lb of double refine'd sugar- pounded and sifted, half a pound lb offlour drye’d before the fire, one lemon,mix your eggs sugar and almonds togetherand the juice of your lemons, grate in therind, do not put in the flour till it isready to put in the oven- Bake it one hour -beat it 3 quarters of an hourbefore the flour goes in -Lemon Cheesecake Take ½ pound lb of Butter- clarify it- ½ pound lb of suger beaten, & sifted- 6 Eggs leaving outthe whites of one- the peel of 3 lemonsgrated, scoop out the pulp -take out the seeds& put the peel to the juice of the lemonstirring it well together & then put the clarifyed butter warm to the eggs, stirring it as itgoes in, when the butter is quite cold put inthe lemon juice stirring it all the time,put them in pastes, half an hour will bakethem in a moderate oven -Raised (superscript) letters are lowered, contractions are expanded, and added letters italicised retaining the apostrophe [show more]
Folio 2. Page 78. VersoFolio 2. Page 78. VersoPaper document Medicine for Rheumatism and Fits
Type:Paper document
Subject: Medicine for Rheumatism and Fits
Description:RheumatismThree ounces of sarsaparilla sliced and bruise’d1 Quart of fine Spirits of wine let them standtogether in a wide mouthe’d bottle close stoppedt3 days by the fire then strain out the li--quor very hard, & add to it 2 ounce oz of gumguiasum digest again 3 days- then strain offas before & add one ounce & a half of balsam of peru digest again 3 days – thenpour the liquor into Phials cork, & seal them down- one teaspoonful put intoa glass of warm wine & water taken at night going to bed- a few nights is sureFitsOil of Rosemary}Oil of Amber} of each 2 pennyworthOil of Juniper}Oil of Anniseed 1dram’ mixe’d togetherTake 20 drops in a morning fasting &20 more at night & the same next day-after 5 or 6 days interval take 30 dropsMorning & 30 Evening then 40 dropsMorning and after a weeks respite 50drops Morning-
Raised (superscript) letters are lowered, contractions are expanded, and added letters italicised retaining the apostrophe.Final page and back cover of Folio 2.
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Folio 2. Page 77. Recto Folio 2. Page 77. Recto Paper document Medicine for Deafness, Whooping Cough, and a recipe for glue.
Type:Paper document
Subject: Medicine for Deafness, Whooping Cough, and a recipe for glue.
Description:For DeafnessFill an ounce Phial with Bay Saltand spring water, equal quantities, whendissolved drop 4 into a teaspoon, conveythese 4 drops into the Ear going tobed lying on the contrary side; repeatit 4 Nights-To make hair water30 handfulls of Rosemary and 12 handullsof Twists of Vines & a quart of Honey- distillit off in a cold Still-For a Whooping CoughMake 2 ounces oz of Honey, 2 of treacle, a fewCarraway seeds, & as much flour of brim-stone as will lay on a shilling & aftermixing it well together, give the Child aspoonful 6 different times a day-Packet GlueCut 4 ounces oz of Isinglass into small pieces dissolve it in three quarters of a pintof water taking care it boils very slowly.Strain it off clear from the dregs by de--grees- pour in it a tea cupfull of Spritsof Wine stirring it all the while. boilit again till it comes to the consistencyof melted glue, being careful not to let
Contractions are expanded, and added letters italicised retaining the apostrophe.Continued on Folio 2. Page 76. Verso
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Folio 2. Page 7. Recto Folio 2. Page 7. Recto Paper documentRecipe for Common Seed Cake and Gingerbread Cakes
Type:Paper document
Subject:Recipe for Common Seed Cake and Gingerbread Cakes
Description:Deleted text is shown as [ ]for an hour- 2 hours will bake it A common seed cake3 lb flour 1 lb Butter 1 lb lisbon sugar2 table spoonfuls of yeast- a pint ofnew & ½ of [of new] milk & carroway seeds to your liking- dry the flour& rub ½ lb of Butter into it, warm the milk & mix the yeast into it- thenstrain it into the flour and mix it to--gether- then let it stand before a fire2 hours- then take it up & work in the [flour] sugar & the half pound ofbutter that remains - Gingerbread CakesTake 1½ lb of Butter- I lb of Sugar four large spoonfuls of Milk- stir them overa gentle fire till it is all melted, pourit on 2 lbs of Flour & 3 Oz of Ginger,the rind of one Lemon & half cut veryfine  half an ounce of candied citron& one ounce of candied orange peel cutsmall, mix it until it is partly stiff& does not stick to your hands-make them into cakes, bake them in anoven not so hot as for tarts, and when theoven is grown cool put them in again toharden- [show more]