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Folio 1 , Page 13, RectoFolio 1 , Page 13, RectoPaper documentComment about currants
Type:Paper document
Subject:Comment about currants
Description:50 Qts{smudged ink} Currans
Folio 1, Page 19, RectoFolio 1, Page 19, RectoHand written page double pinned to blank page FIP19RRecipe for Ginger Cakes
Type:Hand written page double pinned to blank page FIP19R
Subject:Recipe for Ginger Cakes
Description:To make Ginger Cake Beat two pounds of fine loaf sugar putone pound in a Tossing pan with asmuch water as will dissolve it withone ounce of Race Ginger grated finestir them well together over a veryslow fire till the sugar begins to boilthen stir in the other pound and keepstirring it until it grows thick then takeit out of the fire then drop them in Cakesupon Earthen Dishes, set them in awarm place to dry and they will look white and be very hard and brittle [show more]
Folio 1, Page 9, RectoFolio 1, Page 9, RectoPaper documentRecipe for Raisin Wine and Mead
Type:Paper document
Subject:Recipe for Raisin Wine and Mead
Description:Raisin wine C J CTo each gallon of water add 5 lbs of raisins[when th] with the stalkspulled off- when they have steepe'dfor a fortnight, let the liquor besqueeze'd into a barrel thathas been aired with brimstoneburnt in a rag- when it hasdone working let it be stoppe'd up close & in a few months it willbe fit to bottle- MeadTo 6 Gall[on] of water add the whitesof 3 eggs- when they are proper-ly mixe'd put to them 8 lb of thebest honey, when they have boile'dan hour, put to them a little cinnamon, mace, and clover.Let it stand till it cools then
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Folio 1, Page 10, VersoFolio 1, Page 10, VersoPaper documentRecipe for Mead and Cherry Brandy
Type:Paper document
Subject:Recipe for Mead and Cherry Brandy
Description:put to it half a pint of goodyeast- let it work 3 days-- draw off into another vessel- & stop it close for a monthwhen it may be bottled for use. Cherry brandy6 pounds lbs of black cherries & 6 lbs of red-stone them and squeeze them into3 Gallons of Brandy- let it stand24 hours- strain this whole througha canvas bag as long as any juicewill run- sweeten to your taste-when fine bottle it for use-
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Folio 1, Page 12, VersoFolio 1, Page 12, VersoBlank page of a paper documentBlank page
Type:Blank page of a paper document
Subject:Blank page
Description:Blank page with 2 papers attached F1P12aR  Financial calculationF1P12aV  RecipeF1P12bR  Recipe
Folio 1, Page 12a, RectoFolio 1, Page 12a, RectoHandwritten page of a paper documentA price list and financial calculations in Landscape page format
Type:Handwritten page of a paper document
Subject:A price list and financial calculations in Landscape page format
Description:[Centre header pencil] 23 Veal[?] £1    –   5 Yeast                –    9 Milk             1   –    10  ½ [Right pencil list]                                 £     s     d Lozenges    1     "     - Milk            1    –    11 ½

Sage[?]       -     "     4

Honey         -     "     5 Bread          -     "     4Post            1     “     2Apples         -     "     3 Blacks          -    “      6      “                              8[Portrait view]12/  130     10   5   6         10           12 /    "  18" 10"  [Landscape view{..}/  13  {10}                  1                     51           105    "  12  " 3           104    " -13  " 6 ½             "[?]  "  18  "  6 ½[Right side list]105 "    12  " 3104 "    11  " 7 1     "     1  " 1½                 "  8             19  "  6              3  " 2 2     "    12
The lists are in pencil and the money in ink. The ink overlays the pencil list in part giving some chronology to the compilation of the entries.
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Folio 1, Page 12a, VersoFolio 1, Page 12a, VersoPaper documentRecipe for Wine (Ginger Wine?)
Type:Paper document
Subject:Recipe for Wine (Ginger Wine?)
Description:To every Gallon of spring water, add-seven pounds of Lisbon sugar.Boil them a Quarter of an hour& keep scuming it Well, When the liquor is Cold, Squeeze in the juice-of two Lemons. Boil the peels with 2 ounces of ginger .in 3 pints of water, When it is cold put it .alltogether into the Barrel with 2 spoonful of Barm, a Quarterof an ounce of Isinglass beat very thin, and 2 pounds of jar raisins, [then]┌when done working┐Close it it up and let it stand seven weeks .then bottle it,-The best season to make it is in the Spring
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Folio 1, Page 12b, RectoFolio 1, Page 12b, RectoHandwritten page pinned to a paper documentRecipe to make Jellys
Type:Handwritten page pinned to a paper document
Subject:Recipe to make Jellys
Description:A Receipt how to make JellysTo a quart of Jelly four Bottles of Mountain Wine about half a pint of Brandy seven Lemons if poor fruit Eight parethe Lemons very thin and steep the rinds in part of the Wineall Night Sugar to your taste Eight Whites of Eggs andthe Shells beaten boil it well when you take it off the Firelet it Stand a few Minnets to Settle before you pour itthrough your bagg.If I have any Lemon Wine by me I often put a little in but it will do very well without any. [show more]
Folio 1, Page 14, VersoFolio 1, Page 14, VersoPaper documentList of fruit quantities and prices
Type:Paper document
Subject:List of fruit quantities and prices
Description:1783 38 Quarts White Currants}13  Ditt┌o ┐-----juice}1785   108 Quarts Currants @ 2½┌lbs pounds┐£1 " 3 " 64  Ditt┌o┐Rasps @ 2 " 6   48 Quarts Currants "10 " -Mem
This gives two context dates for the folio.
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Folio 1, Page 14a, VersoFolio 1, Page 14a, VersoPaper documentUntitled recipe for currant wine
Type:Paper document
Subject:Untitled recipe for currant wine
Description:Crush and strain your Currants through a Coarse Cloth and to every- ┌2 Quarts ┐Gallon Gallon of Water put 2 Quarts of Currant Juice, and to every Gallon of Liquor put [┌21/2 ┐]3 pound of good Brown Sugar, assoon as the Sugar is melted and well mixe'd in the Liquor.Tun it into your Barrell and stir it well twice a Day for 10 or 12 Days or till it has done working- then close it, and when it hasstood 4 or 5 Months draw it off and put it thro'ugh a Jelly Bag.then wipe out the Cask and put the Wine in again and to everyGallon of Wine put a 1/4 pound lb of Loaf Sugar and to every 6 Gallonsof Wine 3 drams of Isinglass- Close it well up and in 8 weeks it is-ready to BottleA Quart of Razberries to every Gallon of Wine mixe’d with- the Currants is a very great addition-
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