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alt text on image Huntroyd in 1904

The Huntroyd Receipts provide insights into many aspects of late 18th Century life.  The Starkies looked on themselves as important figures and had moved into the Late Modern Period but still appear to cling to the Renaissance.

alt text on image Blackburn Church around 1800

In the meantime Thomas Starkie, Rector of Blackburn, was watching the expansion of the textile industry, the developing Industrial Revolution, and his parish church was falling to pieces.  From 1780 his parishioners were involved in ongoing industrial disputes with the cotton mill owners that would last a century.

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The old church was pulled down in 1820.The tower remained until about 1870.

Elsewhere on this site the narrative of Thomas Thursby in the mid 18th Century shows how slowly their mindset altered.

Wealth and status offered little protection from disease and death.  Their medicines offered little more than another way of dying.

The snapshot taken by these papers is of a bare 26 years.


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