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Put 112:pounds lbs of Raisins to 15 Gallons of Cold Spring Water -1:pound lb Brown Sugar Candy1:pound lb White . Do …. Do1 Bottle of White Wine 1 Bottle of Brandy- Let it standSix Months & then Bottle it -

For DeafnessFill an ounce Phial with Bay Saltand spring water, equal quantities, whendissolved drop 4 into a teaspoon, conveythese 4 drops into the Ear going tobed lying on the contrary side; repeatit 4 Nights-To make hair water30 handfulls of…

6 sevilles, 2 sweet, 3 lemons, therinds to be put into the juice- 1 pound lb loaf sugar, 1 pint spring water.Let it boil to a syrup, and put itinto a bowl, when cold put the juice to it- boil 3 ounces oz Isinglass in1 pint spring water & when…

To every Gallon of spring water, add-seven pounds of Lisbon sugar.Boil them a Quarter of an hour& keep scuming it Well, When the liquor is Cold, Squeeze in the juice-of two Lemons. Boil the peels with 2 ounces of ginger .in 3 pints of water, When…
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