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Lavender Waterbest rectified Spirits of wine 1 QuartOil of Lavender half an ounceEssence of Ambergrease 1 scruple- mixe’d well together, corke’d down close& let to stand 2 months before it is used-Lip Salve Steep a pennyworth of Alkanet root in 2…

For ChilblainsTake of the best & sharpest white Wine vinegar& Spirits of Wine of each half a PintAlum half an Ounce in Powder.Mix them together. Wash the parts affected twice or three times a Day

RheumatismThree ounces of sarsaparilla sliced and bruise’d1 Quart of fine Spirits of wine let them standtogether in a wide mouthe’d bottle close stoppedt3 days by the fire then strain out the li--quor very hard, & add to it 2 ounce oz of…

In hemorrhages when the pulse beginsto hasten, the countenance change& a nausea comes on care should be use’d to stop the discharge- the legs put in warm water/not-hot water, the garters should be tightene’d - the ligatures put on the arms-seven…

Vinegar ClysterSo made by mixing three ouncesof Vinegar with 5 of water gruel-It answers all the purposes of acommon Clyster, with the peculiaradvantage of being proper eitherin inflammatory or putrid disordersparticularly the latter-Common…

consistency of Pills with Liquoricepowder or crumb of Bread- mixequal parts of the above [with] &powdere'd rhubarb make into pillswith simple Syrup- 3 or 4 may be taken twice or thrice a week-Sneezing PowderPowder of Asarum- white Hellibore-…

Best Lavender Water8 pennyweight of oil of Lavender3┌d┐ram of musk & 3 of Ber-gamot, put into a Quart of Sprits ofWine with about an ounce of fineSugar- Put them into a well corke’d bottle & shake them often
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