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To hash a Calves Head Let the head be scalded, not skinne’d boil it very tender the day before you use it, make some gravy of a knuckle of veal, a bit of lean beef,a bit of ham, or about half a pound of gammon of bacon, four anchovies, a dozen…

Continued from Folio2. Page 19. RectoBrandy 4 hours then strain it off, put to it 4 Quarts of Water, 4 large Nutmegsgrated, 2 Quarts of Lemon juice, 2 pounds lb of doublerefine’d Sugar, when the Sugar is dissolve'dboil 3 Quarts of Milk and put to the…

To make stock for Gravy Soup Take Turnips, Carrots, Onions, or Leeks, &some Sellery, put them into a Saucepanwith your meat, and with a sufficient quantityof water boil it up, & skim it well- then throw it in some whole pepper &a little…
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