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1796 Mr Starkey DrA/c Edwd Barton29 March To maken a pair pr of Black Cashmere Cassomeer Breeches s - d & all materials £1 " 4 0Receive’d the ContentsEdw Barton

Frangas Insapadas a Portuguese dish 3 pound lb lean Bacon or Ham, 2 large Onionssliced, 4 Cloves of Shalot sliced, 3 Quarts of Water with some beaten pepper, Cloves, &and a little mace & about a drachmof Safron, stew it slowly till re-=duced…

Continued from Folio 2. Page18. Verso.a few sweet herbs & and a little lemon peel; bothshred fine- add the yolk of an egg, boilthem in a saucepan the balls the size ofthe yolk of an egg let them boil quick,You must have 6 yolks of eggs boil[e[‘d…

Continues from F2P12Vskim it clear- To stew a rump of beef Take your beef & bone it & sprinkle itwit┌h┐salt- the next day take one handful ofspinnach, 1 of parsley, some thyme, savoury& knotted marjoram- chop them veryfine & take the…
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