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Put 112:pounds lbs of Raisins to 15 Gallons of Cold Spring Water -1:pound lb Brown Sugar Candy1:pound lb White . Do …. Do1 Bottle of White Wine 1 Bottle of Brandy- Let it standSix Months & then Bottle it -

fry it in a stewpan with some butter till itcomes of a light brown colour- pourout the butter and put in some gravy &red wine, of each an equal quan--tity: with an onion or shalot & a an--chovy, when it is stewe‘d enoughsqueeze on some juice…

Raisin wine C J CTo each gallon of water add 5 lbs of raisins[when th] with the stalkspulled off- when they have steepe'dfor a fortnight, let the liquor besqueeze'd into a barrel thathas been aired with brimstoneburnt in a rag- when it hasdone…
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