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Laxative absorbant mixturePut one dram of magnesia alba in a mortarwith 10 or 12 grains of the best Turkey rhubarband add to them 3 ounces of common Water; simplecinnamon water & syrup of sugar, of each oneounce.As most diseases of Infants are…

Cordial Water 1 pint- Brandy 1 Spoonful-Lavender drops 2 Tea Ditto; D:J No 64 Nutritum & the gold of an egg - Nutritum is made thus- rub well together 2 Drams of white lead,half an ounce Vinegar & 3o three of Common oil,.for a Burn',- or…

GarglesA little barley-water & honey with a little Vinegar makes a useful garglefor softening and cleansing the mouth infevers-Cooling GargleWater six Ouncez; honey 1 ouncez-. Nitrea dram & a half- useful in fevers& inflammatory…
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