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White DecoctionTake of the purest Chalk in powder, two ounces, gum arabic; half an ounce; Water three Pints. Boiled to one quart & strain the Decoction. This is a proper drink, in acute disease attended with, or inclining to a looseness &…

Infusion of GallsTo a quart of rain water or any soft water puthalf a pound of finely powderd GallsOne once and a half of Gum Arabic powderdA quarter of a pint of lamp spiritsLet them stand together corkd up for at least a month. They may stand as…

In obstinate Coughs, two ounces ofthe syrup of Poppies- may be added- The dose is two tablespoonfuls 3 or 4times a dayOily Emulsion.Soft Water 6 Ounces, paregoric Elix'r2 Drams; Florence Oil, an ounce.shake then,together, & add of simpleSyrup,…
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